Snake Stuck In Blessee’s Punani

A freaky video has landed on Mzansi Guardian’s radar supposedly showing a blessee with a snake protruding from her baby and urine ejecting utensil.

So intense and graphically disturbing is the video we had to verify it’s authenticity and the sender has authenticated the events that unfolded.

The events leading to the snake entangling itself in the lady’s privates are sketchy but it is reported the lady who hails from Durban’s Umlazi ‘hooked’ herself up with a rich igwe from Nigeria. “Within a month, she had moved to Ballito”. The sender said indicating how the alleged blesse’s life changed after she met this igwe.

“Mandisa was truly in love with Okuche” the sender reported. “She even dumped Vincent, who was promising to marry her”. It is reported that on the night of the snake incident, Okuche invited Mandisa to his hotel room at Garden Court at the Durban Beach front to spend some quality time. The two are said to have enjoyed themselves and Okuche told Mandisa he was going to leave very early to attend to some business in Johannesburg.

In the morning, Okuche sneaked out of the room and went his way. However, Mandisa felt a tingling tingle in her privates. She ignored it at first thinking Okuche was fiddling with her honey pot for a morning session but then remembered that he had left. She woke up to the shock of her life when she saw a SNAKE stuck in her honey pot. The reptiles head was well hidden inside her and only the tail was visible.

In panic, Mandisa screamed and hotel workers barged into the room to witness the reptile wiggling inside Mandisa. No one knew what to do and when they tried calling Okuche, his phone rang but it was from within the room. he had left it.

Some brave hotel workers tried to pull the reptile out but Mandisa complained of the excruciating pain. They eventually left her as it was time to check out.

No one knows what happened thereafter as she was last seen walking along the beach front, looking dazed

**Due to the graphic nature of the video, we are unable to publish it on this family friendly website