Shock in church as pastor makes all women have their periods at the same time

A pastor caused serious panic and mayhem after he prayed for all women in the church to immediately have their menstrual cycle at the same time.

The pastor, who goes by the name Prophet Abu, was preaching at a packed marque tent in the heart of Tzaneen in the Limpopo province when he suddenly said he was about to show people a miracle.

He asked all women to come forward including those that had already entered the menopause stage. After a lengthy prayer which he did in tongues, he instructed five women to go to the toilet and check their panties.

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All fie ladies came back saying they were experiencing their menstrual cycles. One even showed her bloodied under_wear. “I Had my periods last week and now I am back again”, she said, visibly shaken.

Another woman however was not too happy with the miracle as she is reportedly 3 months pregnant. She was seen leaving the church in a rush.

One elderly granny who is 59 years old said she had not had periods since she was 43. “It feels weird”, she said.

The pastor further went on to announce that the power of God was making them have their cycle’s at the same time. “With God, nothing is impossible”, he said to a resounding amen from the congregants.

The guys in the service did not seem to happy with the miracle though and said it is borderline an invasion of privacy.

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“Now everyone knows my wife is having her periods”, an angry Mr Khumalo said. “It’s magic not a miracle. I will not come back here again”, he finished off.