BREAKING: Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor Reveals Sfiso’s Top Secrets In Church, Wife Drops Bible And Faints

Johannesburg – Pastor Anosike, who is also Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor and the leader of the Rock Of Victory Ministries International church in Newtown, Johannesburg, revealed what he referred to as the Sfiso Ncwane’s ‘top secrets’ in his church last Sunday which was however received with mixed reactions.

According to Pastor Anosike, The Kulungile Baba hit maker had shared ‘deep secrets’ and ‘matters of his heart’ with him the day the gospel star bought him the white AMG Mercedes-Benz GL 63 V8 worth R1.9 million for ‘saving his life’

”My son Sfiso and I had shared a lot of secrets about life, I’m deeply hurt God took him before some of his wishes came to pass, having said that, I’m also heart-broken that ‘my son’ died with a heavy heart, the day he bought me a car we shared a lot of issues that was bothering him, including conflicts surrounding his family”, Pastor Anosike was quoted.

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”Now that my son is gone and no longer has a voice, I can now reveal that he was not happy with his wife Ayanda, he always complained about her promiscuity and being ‘unfaithful’ in their staggering marriage. He also accused his wife of being responsible for the misunderstanding with his own mother, citing that should he have helped his mother with anything or their kids visit Sfiso’s mother (Fikile) she could not hesitate to file a divorce” said the heartbroken pastor in tears.

”Another sensitive issue he raised was that he had doubts that he was really the biological father of his eldest daughter Nqobile, these are some of the issues that we were still solving before my son passed away, so when I say he died with a heavy heart you now know what I mean. As a man of flesh and blood I did not want to reveal some of these sensitive issues but the spirit directed me to do so”, said the pastor before he handed over the microphone to the song leader.

According to a report, Sfiso’s wife who was part of the congregation ran short of words and became powerless, thereby dropping the bible which she was holding,fell down and fainted.

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Twitter has reacted with a negative backlash in response to the pastor’s actions and he was blamed for fueling hatred in the already troubled family.