Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor Reveals The Real Truth About The Benz He Got From Him

Even in the midst of tragedy, long-standing family feuds drag on

More controversy surrounds Sfiso Ncwane’s spiritual father and pastor, Reverend Francis Anosike who during the Jo’burg memorial was seen sitting at the back of Grace Bible Church with members of his church while all other men of the cloth sat in front.

Anosike was not given a chance to speak at both the memorial and funeral, until he forced his way to the stage on Saturday to utter a few words and pray.

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Sources reveal that on the Monday of Sfiso’s passing, the pastor arrived at the singer’s house surrounded by bodyguards.

Meanwhile, a lot of people had a lot to say about the Mercedes-Benz Sfiso gifted him last year (R26 000 payment but no papgeld), and now tongues are wagging again. Some are questioning why the Reverend did not raise their icon from the dead. Others are wondering if he will be able to afford the car repayments.

But Rev. Anosike is resolute in his refusal to be put down. He told us he accepted the gift like a father. “Sfiso’s gift was peanuts compared to what I’ve done for him,” he asserted. “I’ve known Sfiso for more than 10 years, long before he bought me the car. Also, I’ve invested so much in his life – financially, emotionally and spiritually. One cannot start to compare that car to what I’ve done for him.”

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“People can talk all they want,” he said. “They are talking as if I cannot afford that particular car, as if I am a hungry person. But they are wrong. I can afford that car, more than five times. If Sfiso was paying installments, well that is not a problem, that’s a minor thing to the church. The church will kill that debt in less than one second.”