Sfiso Ncwane’s Daughter: “The Truth Is, My Father Disowned Me Because I Rejected His Se_xual Advances”

Durban – Nqobile Mzelemu, the late Sfiso Ncwane’s daughter has shocked the nation once again after she claimed that her late father once asked for ‘se_xual favors’ from her of which she rejected, resulting in her being totally disowned by hes father.

‘’I’m only revealing some of this ‘sensitive information’ because the man in question finally took his last breath, it’s one of those things that were ‘eating me up’ during his days on earth because I had none to tell. I was afraid of how he could react if he was alive’’, Nqobile was quoted earlier on Metro Fm.

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‘’If he was my real father I don’t think he could have done such, I was not surprised because he once told my mother that I’m not his real child and blamed my mother for being unfaithful and promiscuous. So to me it added up that there was no blood flowing between him and I. Therefore that was where his guts came from’’,claimed the tearful Nqobile in a controversial online interview.

Twitter was ablaze this morning and had no kind words for Nqobile,criticizing why she was not revealing the sensitive information when her father was still alive.Nqobile has been singled as an ‘attention seeker’ and has been heavily threatened by what are believed to be Sfiso’s ‘die hard’ followers.

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Nqobile has been at the centre of controversy ever since her father passed away about two weeks ago after she leaked their ‘harsh WhatsApp chats’. As if that was not enough, Nqobile created a ‘mini war’ after she described his late father as a ‘stupid’ man who neglected her during the times she needed him most.