Sfiso Ncwane’s funeral DVD being sold in the streets

WHILE he was still alive, Sfiso Ncwane did not want his music to be pirated. But it seems piracy has followed him beyond the grave.

His funeral service, which was broadcast by TV and radio stations, has been pirated on DVD. The DVDs are being sold on the streets of Durban for between R10 and R20, with some copies selling for as little as R5.

When asked about the illegal DVDs, one seller lashed out. “I sell these to provide for my family. What I sell is none of your business!” he said. A customer said she saw Sfiso’s funeral on TV. “When I heard the service was available on DVD, I did not hesitate to buy it.

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“I am still trying to come to terms with his death. The DVD is pirated, but it will help me to heal.” At KwaMnyandu Mall in Umlazi, two hawkers were selling the DVD.

The hawkers also lashed out. “Do you care what my children will eat if I don’t sell this? Please go before I do something I will regret,” said one hawker. Last year LiveMonitor published a story after Sfiso complained about his music being pirated and sold in Durban.

“God will deal with those who pirate my music,” he said at the time.

Thobile Mchunu, spokeswoman at Sfiso’s recording company, Ncwane Communications, said the DVDs were on the streets a week after the singer’s funeral. “Some people are insensitive. Our team will meet soon to decide how to deal with this matter.”