“Senzo Meyiwa’s Family Will Never See My Child‚” Says Kelly Khumalo

kelly-khumalo-childrenSongbird Kelly Khumalo was hosted by Anele Mdoda on Wednesday afternoon for interview on her popular show, Real Talk with Anele Mdoda. Kelly revealed it all out about her romantic moments with former Bafana Bafana Captain and Kaizer Chiefs Goalkeeper Senzo Menyiwa, some few hints about convicted killer Jub Jub, the pain of being labelled a killer by the public, concerns about delayed investigations in Senzo Meyiwa murder case, her children, among others.

Amidst of the bitter words directed to the singer that unfolded between her and Senzo’s family after his death, she still believes that one day the nation will know the truth about Senzo’s murder and that she wasn’t involved as the public and Senzo’s family have always claimed.

Senzo’s father has on numerous occasions lambasted Kelly for her involvement with his son‚ often blaming her for his death.

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Senzo’s father has in the past accused Kelly of “moving on too quickly‚” and even called her a “curse” to his son.

Taking a trip down memory lane to the weeks after Senzo died‚ Anele brought up the way Senzo’s family lashed out at her for returning to work ‘so soon’ after his death yet they said she had ‘no rights’ because she was not his wife.

The public lashing from Senzo’s family

“Now that you feel that you see me as a married person then I must succumb to the customs of what married people do‚” Kelly said.

She went on to explain that she had to decide what was right for herself.

“I had to decide for myself‚ I don’t care how you see me‚ or what you expect from me. I’m going to do me‚ the same way I would have done when Senzo was alive. When Senzo was alive I blocked out everything negative about him and focused on loving him‚ so that’s what I did.”

Jub Jub and Senzo’s family will never see her children

Kelly‚ who also shares a child with convicted killer Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye‚ has in the past spoken out about getting a restraining order against him‚ when he’s released from prison.

The singer again reaffirmed her stance‚ saying that Jub Jub and his entire family will not see their son until he turns 18.

Kelly went on to add that the same applies to Senzo’s family. Comparing the family’s of her exes‚ Kelly said that she respects Jub Jub’s family for not rubbishing her in the media.

“At least Mama Jackie (Jub Jub’s mother) is decent enough to not go and rubbish me in the papers to try to and make themselves look good. That’s one thing I will forever respect Mama Jackie for‚ I can never say Jackie said something bad about me. If she would fight me‚ she would fight me privately‚” Kelly explained.

When Anele asked if this means that Senzo’s family will never meet their child‚ Kelly answered with passion in her voice. “They can forget about that‚” she said.

The murder mystery

Even though Kelly is not allowed to speak about the night Senzo was killed two years ago‚ she says that she wants nothing more than for the nation to know the truth.

“There is nothing that I would love more than to sit here and speak the truth‚ nothing but the truth. It’s been two years‚ I don’t want to be exposing people for not doing their jobs but I can’t just let it go and sit here‚ and do nothing‚” she said.

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