K2 Dumps Girlfriend Blue Mbombo For Sleeping With Blesser Serge Cabonge

K2 Dumps Girlfriend Blue MbomboSouth Africa’s favourite reality TV couple, Blue Mbombo and Katlego “K2” Mabusela have broken up.

Blue confirmed the break-up in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Katlego and I are no longer together. ..it has been months now. However we still support and respect each other,” she wrote in the post.

Blue did not elaborate on the reasons for the break-up but hinted at the pressures of having a relationship that was so public.

“Truth is…relationships are difficult, no relationship is really perfect, it’s even harder when it’s a public one,” she wrote.

Fans have responded to the news with shock but Blue has thanked them for their support and asked that the couple’s decision be respected.

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Blue and K2 captured the nation’s heart with a stint on Big Brother. Their relationship made headlines ever since, despite Blue insisting that their entire relationship not be played out in public.

“With us it is quite simple because we fell in love on national TV, however, by all means we try not to put everything out in the public eye,” Blue told Sunday World in February.