Popular Pastor Caught With Human Skeleton

pastor-human-skeletonA skeleton suspected to be that of a woman was found propped up on a chair in the apartment of a pastor,Jude Ngwenya, in Limpopo, on Friday after his landlady made a surprise visit.

It was learnt that the landlady decided to burst into the apartment to evict the man, said to be a pastor, because he owed rents.

The woman reportedly took the drastic step after making several failed attempts to get arrears of rent that had accumulated for over a year from the man.

An eyewitness said the pastor’s sister went missing without any trace about six years ago, fuelling insinuations that the skeleton might be that of the woman.

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“The woman ran out of the house and screamed, calling on people in the neighbourhood for help. The man is not married and runs one small church here,” the eyewitness said.

Reports in the neighbourhood suggested that the pastor used to live with his sisters in the apartment and that one of them named Faith later went missing.

Neighbours said every time they asked about the sister, he would say she was on a prayer mountain.