Mandoza’s side chick claims R7 million from the late star’s money

mandoza-side-chickA woman claiming to be Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala’s (Mandoza) side chick for 15 years is claiming for R7 million in Mandoza’s estate money.

The woman, whose name is  known to MzansiGuardian is said to have 3 kids with Mandoza and said the two started dating in 2001 when they met at a braai in Soweto.

She also claimed that Mandoza’s official wife, Mpho Tshabalala knew about her and the two even met on several occasions. “She knew about me and even accepted the fact that we were sharing a man”, she said before adding “I was there at his wedding”.

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The woman says she had 3 kids with Mandoza and he is listed as their father on all three birth certificates. Her eldest son, Robert Tshabalala is 14 years old while  the other two, Mapula and Tshidi Tshabalala are 8 and 5 respectively.

Now, she claims that she cannot have Mpho have all the benefits while she and her children suffer.

He used to take care of us every month. Now that he is gone, I want his kids to benefit just like his other kids. We were as good as married. All my neighbors know that and he did not allow me to date other guys”, she said.

She also claimed that the family refused to reveal the contents of Mandoza’s will to her. “I think the will was altered. I cannot believe he left me with nothing, the way we loved each other”, she said.

The woman has also somehow resorted to unorthodox means to get the money she wants as she claimed to have some s_ex tapes that she did featuring herself and Mandoza.

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“I will sell the se_x tapes if I have to. I know they will fetch a lot of money”.

Efforts to get comment from Mandoza’s family were fruitless.