SHOCKING SECRETS REVEALED: What Lundi Tyamara Actually Said About Sfiso Ncwane & Mandoza 3 Days Before He Died

Pretoria – Controversy continues to mount as the uncle to the late South African icon, Lundi Tyamara, who passed away last week Friday due to reported liver tuberculosis,continues to reveal more secrets, particularly his last words on his deathbed.

According to an elderly relative referred to as uncle Thabo Tyamara in family circles,who recently made headlines after he revealed what really took place during the moment Lundi passed on. Lundi had a vision on his deathbed 3 days before he died.

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”I’m so heart-broken about everything as far as Lundi’s death is concerned. It was on a Tuesday,just 3 days before he died that he was closing his eyes on his deathbed and whispered that he is ‘seeing his longtime friends’ who passed away, Mandoza (real name Mduduzi Tshabalala) and Sfiso Ncwane calling him, by that time I was so confused and I didn’t know how to answer him back, I knew he was not joking and his mind was up-straight”, uncle Tyamara was quoted.

Sources close to the musician confirmed he died in an Edenvale hospital in the early hours of Friday last week. The Ndixolele hit maker was moved to ICU on Monday after his condition took a turn for the worse.

A memorial service for gospel singer Lundi Tyamara is set to take place in Soweto on Tuesday.The memorial service will take place at the Grace Bible Church in Pimville and will see the late singer remembered by those who knew him.

“This is the time to honour the memory of our great and beloved Lundi.

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“It would bring the family and friends so much comfort to see South Africans remember what he was about and all he stood for, everyone is invited,” said Lundi’s manager and family spokesperson, Anele Hlazo.

The service will start at 2pm and is open to the public. Tyamara, 38, passed away in the early hours of Friday morning after a battle with stomach TB and a liver condition.