KZN Man Arrested And Denied Bail For Naming His Pet Dog “JACOB ZUMA”

KZN Man ArrestedJohn van Vyk a 24-year-old man, From Umhlanga , KZN, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday, after one of his neighbors complained bitterly that he named his dog after his uncle. President Jacob Zuma.

John van Vyk learned that the complainant reported the case at a near by Police Station, after which the he was arrested and detained.

However, it was gathered that efforts by the police to recover the dog, which they intended using as evidence failed following a clever move by the suspect.

Van Vyk allegedly directed his friends secretly to kill the dog in order to avoid being implicated. It was gathered that consistent appeals by his friends and relatives for the police to grant him bail failed as the complainant and his kinsmen reportedly threatened to kill him if he was released on bail.

The case, however, took a different dimension two days later when John’s relatives went to the police station to further plead for his bail only to be informed that the case file and the suspect have been transferred to Gauteng.

relative of the suspect, who simply identified himself as Piet, said that his brother was being persecuted for some very small thing and expressed fears that he may either be poisoned inside police cell or thrown into jail.

Piet said: “John is a lover of dogs and he names them after things that tickle him. He bought this dog a year ago and named it Jacob Zuma. Unfortunately, some well connected fools, who dominate the vicinity where he resides misconstrued his intention and connived to take him up. The complainant then claimed it was derogatory because his uncle answers Jacob Zuma.”

Police sources, however, told us that the actions of the suspect “were very provocative.”

The source said: “he not only named the dog after the president but boldly wrote it on the body of both sides of the dog and was seen parading the neighborhood dominated by the president’s relatives with it”.

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