Kelly Khumalo Loves Zimbabwean Men: ‘She Says They Are Well Endowed Than SA Men’

kelly khumalo loves zimbabwean menWar on popular social media platform Twitter after Kelly Khumalo posted a controversial post degrading her fellow country men of which majority of them fired back at the controversial post last night.

‘How did you really know ?Have you dated Zim men before ?Anyway that’s your opinion’,responded one Twitter user named Joe.

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Joe’s question raised eyebrows as it left more Twitter users eager to know whether the controversial artist had indeed bonked a Zimbabwean man before she came to her conclusion.

kelly khumalo loves zimbabwean men1‘There is no smoke without fire,if you see her drawing conclusions confidently like this,she already had a taste of both peni_ses already and she enjoyed a Zim anaconda’,added another Twitter user identified as Mlungisi.

Although she twitted at 11:50pm last night,26 users had already re-twitted the controversial post and screenshots in the twinkling of an eye,barely after 2 minutes.

Due to the mounting of negative replies from bitter South African men who felt belittled and looked down upon,the Asine hit-maker was left with no option but to take down the post to avoid more controversy from bitter followers.