“Kelly Khumalo Is A Sp_erm Bank” – Says Senzo’s Father Sam Meyiwa

sam-meyiwa-vs-kelly-khumaloThere is certainly no love lost between Kelly Khumalo and Sam Meyiwa – this we know. But things have just taken another nosedive as Sam backtracks from wanting to make peace to insisting that the songbird “trapped” his son.

Kelly Khumalo raised eyebrows when she told Anele Mdoda on her show, Real Talk, that her child with Senzo Meyiwa would not meet his family.

“I had to decide for myself, I don’t care how you see me, or what you expect from me. I’m going to do me, the same way I would have done when Senzo was alive. When Senzo was alive I blocked out everything negative about him and focused on loving him, so that’s what I did,” she said during the interview.

Sam, who has previously lambasted her only to recently say he would welcome his grandchild into his family, has again hit out at Kelly.

“We don’t care what that girl says. She must leave the Meyiwa name alone. The child will come to us by herself. She will. She just got pregnant to trap Senzo,” Sam reportedly told Move! magazine.

Sam again took the chance to insists that she has not been forthcoming with information on his son’s killers.

But on the show Kelly said that she could not speak about it, not matter how much she wanted to, as she had been instructed by authorities not to do so.

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