Julius Malema Joins DA After Advice From Prophet Mboro

Julius Malema Joins DAJulius Malema has pulled a shocker and joined the DA and advised fellow EFF members to do the same. It has also emerged Julius was advised to do so by the pastor who once claimed to have gone to heaven and took selfies with Jesus, Prophet Mboro.

Speaking at a press conference, Juju, as he is affectionately known said he realised that the enemy of his enemy is a friend. “Both DA and myself dislike the ANC so we thought we should combine and show ANC and it’s leadership the middle finger”

The news was met with heavy criticism from the political sphere with many staunch EFF members calling Julius a sellout and  vowing not to go to DA : One Sam Moyo said : “I would rather go back to the ANC than go to DA. DA has our land and now Julius wants to have tea with the enemy. I am sure he was paid. His wife is pregnant mos so he wants to secure a future for his kids”

LiveMonitor satire pressed Julius to confirm if he really was advised by Prophet Mboro and he confirmed it. “I can not argue with prophecy”, Juju said before adding , “especially from someone who is the only known person in the world to take selfies with Jesus”

The DA remained mum on the issue. There were also strong indications that Floyd Chivambu would lead EFF if he decided not to follow Julius to the DA.

It was not immediately ascertained which role Julius would have in the DA.