BREAKING: Julius Malema Banned From Parliament For The Next 5 Years, The Reasons Are Shocking

Johannesburg – The South African High Court has taken a drastic decision to put an end to the ongoing-parliament violence by banning the Economic Fredom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema for the next 5 years for his repeated violation of the parliament rules and consitution at large.

The extreme measure,which has left the EFF party members in an ‘ocean of tears’ can however be appealed within the period of 72 hours, according to judge Fredrick Dube.

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”We tried to talk to him to stop his habit of disrespecting the House Of Assembly but he never listened, who in his normal senses disrespect his own President like that? Enough is enough, I give a special thanks to Honourable Judge Dube for his decision, as South Africans we won’t allow such kind of conduct in the parliament building and some EFF comrades must draw a lesson from this”, one ANC member commented on condition of anonymity.

People watched politicians throw punches at guards in the parliament chamber as the raucous scenes were broadcast on national television on Thursday afternoon.

Members of the far-left opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, interrupted South African president Jacob Zuma calling him a “scoundrel” and “rotten to the core” in reference to corruption allegations.

The politicians, dressed in red, began fighting with security guards who tried to force them to leave the chamber.