Jub Jub Arrested Again For Violating Parole, He Crashed A Car In Out Of Bounds Area

Apparently Jub Jub think he is slick, His parole forbids him to travel 250 KM away from his domicile but he was caught more than 500 KM away from home in Pietermaritzburg, KZN.

Jub Jub’s driving skills caused him his freedom after he crashed a Kia Picanto on a brick wall 500 KM from where he live. To make matters worse he was over the drunk.

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The police officer who responded to the scene said he did not know Jub Jub was out and even if he knew he wouldn’t expect to see him in Pietermaritzburg. “I asked him if he is related to Jub Jub and he told he is actually Jub Jub, I immediately cuffed him assuming he breaked out of prison”

He said he was out on parole and on his way to Durban to talk to Kelly.

“Her phone is on voice mail and I wanna see my son, She has a gig in Durban tonight so I gotta find her”. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and he probably was calling her on some numbers she no longer use. Even the gig guide he was using was wrong.