BREAKING: Jacob Zuma Weeps During Phone Call With Trump, What He Was Told Will Shock You

Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma had a telephone conversation with United States of America President Donald Trump on Monday, the Presidency said.

According to Presidency claims,the United States president has decided to end the existing trade relations between the two countries.

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There are 600 US companies in South Africa and unemployment rate is expected to sky rocket from June 2017 after this effect.

“We have heard enough about your corrupt activities in South Africa and we can’t keep on working with your rotten government. America is great because we have no corruption,what I’m saying is we don’t work with thieves”,said President Trump before he dropped the phone.

Trump requested the telephone conversation, the Presidency said.

Zuma congratulated Trump on his election as the 45th president of the USA despite the rather harsh conversation.