“Jacob Zuma Suffers From At Least 5 STD’s” – Says Malema

Jacob Zuma STDsEFF leader Julius Malema once again took aim at Jacob Zuma’s health condition yesterday during a rally, claiming that he suffers from at least five different venereal diseases.

Appearing before 15,000 activists in Limpopo, Mr. Malema told the crowd that his rival is suffering from the “debilitating effects of syphilis” and is afflicted with “at least four other STDs”, linked to his promiscuous misdemeanors.

Could you really vote for a candidate who suffers from syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and crabs?” the Malema asked his supporters. “I know I wouldn’t! He loves women too much!

He also added that his political opponent has lost a lot of mental faculties due to the debilitating effects of syphilis, making her unfit to become president.

Malema claims that he received this information from a reliable source whom he refused to name.

EFF supporters and right-wing media argue that Zuma is suffering from a series of debilitating brain injuries, and is now too weak and mentally “unstable” to run for the next presidential elections.

Zuma’s physician has repeatedly affirmed that Msholozi that he is in top condition for someone his age, but his explanations haven’t put an end to the rumors and conspiracy theories.

Many Malema supporters are now demanding that Zuma releases his complete medical records.