“illuminati SACRIFICED Lundi Tyamara, Two more South African Artists to DIE” – Reveals self confessed Illuminati Agent

South Africa today woke up to the heart wrenching news that award-winning gospel star Lundi Tyamara had succumbed to his battle with stomach TB and liver disease.

But even grievously depressing is a bombshell dropped on us this morning from a top artiste in Mzansi(who refused to have his name published for fear of retribution) that The Illuminati is at work in our midst. He told us that he is living in fear daily after accidentally discovering the sheer evil that the Illuminati stands for and represents. The Illuminati is the name of a secret society that is believed to have control of all events that occur on the planet. It is believed that the Illuminati and all of its members have a big influence on the entertainment industry. It is claimed that individuals within the society make blood sacrifices in order to gain fame and to increase their rankings.

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He said that the covert and deadly organisation was sacrificing all artists aged or nearing 38 as a part ritual of a bolder stratagem to cover the whole of Africa with ‘darkness’.

Speaking to MzansiGuardian via Skype Video, the mole told us that it was no accident that most artists dying in South Africa right now are dying at or just near the age of 38, which is one of the special numbers to the Illuminati numerology, apparently 8 represents time, while the 3 represents omega, the end. He added that it is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet 38 =3*8=24

MzansiGuardian analysts and writers thought the muso was out of his mind but then noted that indeed, Mandoza, Sfiso Ncwane and now Lundi had all died at approximately 38 years of age give or take a few months.

When we pointed this to our informant, he laughed sadistically and said, “See, at least your eyes are open now, maybe you will believe now and help spread the word. All celebs who are part of Illuminati in South Africa must watch out, especially people like Unathi who are turning 38 soon, this Illuminati thing is real, bye for now, I have to be on the move but I will give you more information as soon as I can.”

Interestingly, last year, muso, Bonginkosi “Zola” Dlamini cried out for help saying Illuminati were tormenting him, giving him sleepless nights! but no one took him seriously.