‘HIV Is A Political Disease, Jacob Zuma And I Are Evidence’ Julius Malema Responds To ARVs Allegations

julius-malema-hiv-aidsJulius Malema respond to ARVs allegations: Hiv is a political disease, Jacob Zuma and I are evidence. Why is being Sick such a shock to South Africa when their president is also sick? Julius Malema.

I was gonna let this go but the revolutionary fighter within me would only rest once this has been dealt with. It’s amazing how our county tries to push a movement which says, just because you are Hiv positive it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, it only means you have to live differently in the world but still act like you are already dead just because you got infected.

The people who used to hate me are now searching for some kind of redemption from God by being nice to me. In their empty heads they are just thinking “let’s be nice to him since he’s dying soon that way he will tell God about us and God will release our blessings “. Well I have bad news for you pretenders, you are all going to hell.

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Jacob Zuma is also sick that means I’m not the only one dying . This is a political virus, your are lucky I’m in a bad mood today, see if I wasn’t I was going to spill out all the names of those politicians who are also infected.

My treatment fell by mistake and parasites decided to expose me. This hooligans are dumb, just because you exposed me doesn’t mean your family members who are also sick will get cured.

No forget that one my friend. We tried getting hold of Julius Malema but it was confirmed to us that he has been eating right and working out. Hiv is the least of his worries since he’s faithful to his wife and she to him.