“Fikile Ncwane Bewitched And Killed Her Son Sfiso Ncwane” – Says Family Member

Drama in the Ncwane family is at boiling point after a family member revealed Fikile Ncwane bewitched Sfiso Ncwane.

It’s no secret that the late Sfiso Ncwane did not always see eye to eye with his mother over many issues including her absenteeism.

However another issue came to light last year when Sfiso blasted his mom after she went public with allegations that she gets nothing from her famous son.

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Sfiso pinpointed that the reason why he didn’t go to his mother was because as a Christian he was against her practices of consulting with Sangomas and he also claimed they were ‘zombies’ at his mother’s house.

“Sfiso had undergone so many life threatening situations in his life, from being struck by lightning to having a bout of malaria among other unexplained illnesses. It’s obvious a supernatural force was at work,” a family member who refused to disclose his name publicly said.

Most people think Fikile Ncwane bewitched her son. According to source she never forgave Sfiso for choosing his pastor over her.

“She never got over the fact that he bought his pastor an expensive car then he went on to ignore her and blast her.

Apparently Sfiso was telling the truth when he said there were ‘zombies’ at his mother’s house. She acquired tokoloshis from a sangoma in order to control her son’s wealth. Because Sfiso was such a prayerful man they didn’t work but caused him several illnesses.

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Eventually he succumbed to a kidney failure and Fikle is known to have uttered quite some undesirable words after her son’s death.