BREAKING: Edenvale Hospital Medical Doctor Given Permission To Release Lundi Tyamara’s Photos Before He Died

Gauteng – Edenvale,the hospital in which the late gospel icon,Lundi Tyamara spent most of his time battling for his life has been given a go-ahead to release some of the images that were taken before he passed on.

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”He was a public figure after all,he lived a ‘public life’,there is actually nothing wrong with the world knowing about our son’s well-being. I always had a feeling as relatives we somehow ‘owed’ Lundi’s followers some form of explanation. Imagine you’re just told from nowhere that your favourite artist is dead,that is not fair,an explanation is needed,Lundi was Lundi because of his followers,so as relatives we see nothing wrong by releasing this photo to the public now that we are done mourning our son”,said the Tyamara family spokesperson,Mr Thabo Tyamara.

According to the medical doctors who worked hard in trying to save Lundi’s life,coc_aine abuse was one of the main contributing drugs that led to the total change in his skin.

Lundi once confessed that he was gay and also addicted to drugs,a controversial confession which was received with mixed reactions since he was a gospel singer.

The photo showing Lundi’s face below has been released by Edenvale medical staff after permission from the Tyamara family spokesperson and other representatives.