Dettol Pastor Spotted Buying More Dettol For Church Members To Drink

South African prophet Rufus Phala infamously dubbed the ‘dettol pastor’ seems to be in a festive mood. He’s not being thrifty with his spending either as he was spotted on a shopping spree of dettol bottles.

The man clearly believes he is on a mission from God who ‘commanded him to drink dettol and give it to his church members so they can be healed too.

“Of course, I’m expecting all this opposition. The Bible clearly states that prophets always suffer persecution from the masses. This won’t stop me from carrying on the work of the Lord” Phala spoke out.

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Despite dettol representatives publicly disclaiming their association with the prophet he has continued with his dettol salvation.

Looks like a civil case might be opened against this prophet if he continues in his ways.