Deep Pene_tration: These 6 Positions Are The Best Se_x Positions For Short Girls

Being a short girl comes fully equipped with a slew of everyday struggles and complications. When it comes to getting down and dirty, however, short girls have it particularly hard.

Have you ever tried getting it on with a dude who’s 6’5″, when you stand at a mere 4’11″? You probably haven’t, but we can assure you that the struggle is real enough.

Thankfully, there are some ways that can make doing the deed for (or with) a short girl that much easier. Here are the tricks and positions that work best for short girl.

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1.The Prone Bone: This position, where the girl is lying flat on her stomach, and the man enters her from behind, is a perfect position for a short girl.

2.Cow_girl: With co_wgirl, there’s rarely a mismatch of body parts. Despite a woman’s height, she should be able to hop on top without any issues.

3.Reverse Cow_girl: Similar to cow_girl, it’s hard to mess this one up simply due to a height mismatch.

4.Spo_oning: The spo_oning position is a great way for partners of mismatched heights to get it on. It’s relatively easy for a man to adjust his body in the proper way for this position, despite the height of his partner.

5.The Rig_ht Angle: For this one, the lady lies on her back on a table or bed, while her not-so-vertically-challenged male counterpart enters her while standing. This can correct any awkward misalignments.

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6.The Rev_erse Right Angle: For those who like doing it from behind, the girl should simply roll over to her stomach, in order to modify the formerly mentioned right angle position.

(Note: the shortie might have her legs dangling off the table for this one.)