Chicken Hatches A Human Pen_is

chicken-hatches-human-partMadala Sizwe of New Castle woke up this week and went to his chicken fowl run as per norm to collect some eggs but almost had a heart attack when he found not an egg in the chicken’s nest but a pe_nis.

Detailing his story to LiveMonitor, the 67 year old madala  who lives alone at his homestead said he has seen many strange things in his life but this one takes the cake. “I have seen many many weird things my son, but never have I seen this”, he said while taking a whiff of his snuff.

According to the old man, the chicken, which he calls Daisy, is about 4 years old and has been hatching an egg everyday for the past year.

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On this morning however, behold, a pe_nis was hatched. Neighbors soon congregated at his yard when word got out and some suggested it was witchcraft. A local prophet was summoned but he refused to attend to the scene saying he was busy.

Eventually a sangoma went inside the fowl run and took the pe_nis, together with Daisy. Madala could not bare the sight of loosing Daisy though and wept as the Sangoma took her away.

The sangoma was already gone by the time police arrived.