Sfiso’s Wife Ayanda Ncwane Leaving South Africa

In the wake of her husband Sfiso’s death it seems the world hasn’t given Ayanda Ncwane proper time to mourn him.
Every day it’s rumor after rumor including some serious mud slinging on her image and that of her dead husband.

“Ayanda hasn’t come to speak publicly but that doesn’t mean she does not see the circus her husband’s death has become” a close family member said.

“She is in so much pain and the world is not making it easy for her but she is a praying woman so she will overcome”

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According to sources Ayanda is seriously considering moving from South Africa because she feels there’s too much negativity around. She seems to be quite keen on Namibia.

“Ayanda has her children’s best interests at heart at the moment and she feels South Africa is not the right place for them to be anymore. Her children always saw their father in a positive light and she would like it to remain like that” the source explained.

She wants to have a fresh start, she lost her husband and best friend so moving away would do her good. The way Sfiso’s death was politicized was not good for her in the grand scheme of things.

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Her son recently asked the world to respect his mom’s need for privacy to grieve properly and how she is in so much pain.

It seems reality has set in and that’s a hard one to chew.