BREAKING: Apostolic Sect Member Killed By A Crocodile After A ‘Failed’ Miracle

apostolic-sect-member-killedHot on the heels of the ‘Doom Prophet’, a  Man of God with a little known  self-styled Apostolic sect which originates from Shangana Cultural Village, Mpumalanga, has met with an untimely death after being fatally mauled by a crocodile during a botched miracle and power demonstration session.

The church whose members don white and blue uniforms is under fire from members of the public, backed up by the incensed relatives of the deceased, Mzansi Guardian has learnt.

One of the church members who declined to be named told Mzansi Guardian that, it is one of their church’s norms to travel to the crocodile infested Limpopo river for special miracles and baptism of new members.

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A  graphic four minute video clip circulating on WhatsApp, shows the deceased in his late forties  chanting and dancing about while carrying a live crocodile, as the clip reaches the 3 minute mark he starts to pray whilst the dangerous reptile is clad on his back. The crocodile then suddenly awakes from its slumber in a dramatic fashion, biting him twice in the neck and the Man of God is seen tumbling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

From the look of things judging from the video clip,everything happened in the blink of an eye and screams were clearly heard especially from the female church members. The majority ran away from the scene and scattered in all directions, running for dear life.

The founding members of the ‘unique’ sect have informed Mzansi Guardian that they will only publish an official statement after the SAPS is done with their investigations.

One of the remaining founding fathers of the church has defended his church and said the tragedy was actually an act of God.

”Daniel was thrown inside the lions’den and they did nothing to him because of God’s power,Shadreck Misheck and Abednigo were thrown into a fire pit but then again nothing happened,that alone reflects God’s power, having said that, the deceased has been catching live crocodiles straight from the Limpopo river and we have been transforming lives of people through these crocodiles for over two years, but because of God’s power they did nothing to him, he was only killed because he was a very selfless man and that was God’s way of calling him,you see death I see a ‘calling’, it was his time, so what ?Am I God ?”, fumed the controversial clergyman.

The man of cloth,who is accused of having questionable morals in regards to the way he addressed the demise of his partner, has opened fresh wounds after he uttered more controversial sentiments, asking where  people were,  when the sect was successful in their ‘miracles’.

”So you all flock here when one is dead, where were you all when we transformed lives of people with live crocodiles ? You all need deliverance and deep understanding of the bible”, he was quoted.