5 Mzansi Celebrity Survivors of Abu_se and Domestic Violence

Leleti Khumalo

leleti-khumaloThe veteran actress broke her silence when she revealed during a True Love interview that she had been physically abu_sed by her ex husband Mbongeni Ngema, whom she met when she was cast in his hit film Sarafina!

“I wasn’t living a normal life. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere I wanted to … I wanted out”

Letoya Makhene

letoya-makheneThe soapie actress and singer opened up about being physically abused during her nine-year marriage to her now ex-husband, Privilege Mangezi. She told True Love:

“Our families and the police had to be called in most times. The abuse went on for a good few years because I was scared of him… I was at a stage that when talking to people I couldn’t even look them in the eye because I was so traumatised.”

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Kelly Khumalo

kelly-khumaloDuring her MTV interview Kelly Khumalo: Behind the Story, Kelly opened up about her toxic relationship to jailed singer Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye.

“I have a bald patch after Molemo pulled my hair out during one of our fights.”

“He grabbed me and punched me hard in my face. I staggered and reached for a wooden spoon and hit him back. That’s when he hit me with a glass he’d been drinking from.

It broke on my face.”

Sophie Ndaba

sophie-ndabaHer marriage to Bishop Keith Harrington ended sooner that expected amidst claims that he was abusive and always had a gun with him. She ran because she was scared he would shoot her one day after always accusing her of cheating.

Nyalleng Thibedi

nyalleng-thibediAshes to Ashes’ star Nyalleng Thibedi also spoke about her experience with domestic abuse at the hands of her partner. “When someone tells you that you’re unworthy, you’re a good for nothing, by the time the abuse gets physical, they have worked so hard at breaking your spirit, there’s no way it’s not going to affect you,” she told Enca in August. She added that she got out of the relationship when she realises she would lose her life.