2 Side Chicks Gate Crash Blesser’s Wedding Wearing Their Wedding Gowns

Drama ensued when a man who was supposed to have a wedding with the love of his life was ambushed when two of his mistresses showed up at the wedding venue in their gowns also.

The serial cheater, identified as Harrington Sibalo got a taste of his own medicine when the women he thought he managed to supress came up with a plan of their own.

Perhaps the unifying factor between these ladies was the fact that their ‘beloved’ left them all to marry the woman he truly loved.

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The stormed right into the church and they came to stand on the flanks of him and his bride. When it became it wasn’t some kind of joke the pastor had to halt the wedding so he could ask what exactly was going on.

“We thought she deserved to know the truth, that the guy she was getting married to was very unfaithful to her” one of the women, Asavela, spoke to MzansiGuardian.

“I knew Noma (the other mistress) because we once had a fight over Harrington. So one night she texts me and tells me that Harrington was to throw a very lavish wedding”. Both mistresses claim they were still in an active relationship with Harrington and his betrayal hurt to the core.

“We wanted to make a statement at the church and embarrass him. Obviously I’m very hurt that he didn’t have the courage to just break up with me if he had enough” Noma admitted emotionally.

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Naturally the wedding had to be postponed because according to the law you can legally marry more than one wife unless it’s a customary marriage.

As for the main bride, she had no words after the humiliation she suffered and was seen storming out of the church sobbing while her angry relatives were trying to console her.