10 Most Ridiculous Church Names In Africa

Welcome to the new age where everybody wakes up and decides to put up a church, today we’re sharing with you 10 most ridiculous church names in Africa and indeed they all have funny names.

Well, if you think we are joking, then take a ride with us.

1. Run For Your Life Ministry

It seems this church is trying to tell you to run for your life when you see it but people are obviously blind and do not really deep into the meaning. As the saying goes, “he who runs, lives to fight another day”.

2. The Atomic Bomb Bible Brigade Ministry

We don’t know whether this is actually the name of a church or a military base, only God knows.

Tithe and Offering Bible Church of God

This one is direct, no wahala!! You should know what to do when you get there, it’s right in your face.

4. Satan in Trouble Ministries


5. Guided Missile Church

Now this is a war zone and you must prepare for war whenever you’re going to church

7. Healing Tsunami Ministries

We’re wondering how this church intends using a Tsunami to heal? Do they even know what that is?

8. The Ministry of Unclad Wire

We swear, the pastor of this church is an Electrician…

9. High Tension Church

And this one probably works at the hospital
10. Target Church
You should know you’re the target if you’re a member of this church and your pocket is the bull’s eye.