Zimbabwean Sculptor Who Curved A Funny Robert Mugabe Statue Found Murdered

zimbabwean-sculptor-dominic-benhura-murderedReports emanating from Zimbabwe claims that the Zimbabwean sculptor Dominic Benhura who made headlines a few days ago when he unveiled a statue to honor the 92 year old President Robert Mugabe was found dead on Monday morning in his house in the capital low density suburb.

Opposition parties suspect foul play as they suspect that the 92 year old wasn’t impressed by the statue.

The main opposition party MDC deputy president Nelson Chamisa twitted the statue and captioned it “this is suicidal, and the artist have done a life threatening project”.

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Human rights representative reveals that “this is an obvious case, the man was murdered after a disastrous art of work, add your math the answer is there for anyone to see. I actually don’t see the problem with the statue considering that it was curved from an indigenous soap stone,’ he was quoted by a local website.

Sources in the police force brushed off the foul play allegations and ascertained that Dominic Benhura was killed by armed robbers who attacked him for his reward which he received from the president as a token of appreciation for the statue. It is reported that the sculptor had received an amount equivalent to R700 000.


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