Woman left disfigured after operation goes wrong

operation-goes-wrongAccording to reports making rounds online, this young lady landed herself in big trouble after reportedly undertaking a botched bottom enlargement.

Photos of the young lady and her swollen laps have been trending online after the unfavorable treatment.

The lady appears to be in some serious pain and from the look of things, she might have attempted to enlarge her bu_m from back door surgeons.

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The gruesome images shows the regretful woman in a room with her left leg hugely swollen. Specialists have said all the silicone that was injected in her bum shifted to the leg.

“There is a valve and medical net that is supposed to be used to stop that from happening. And it also looks like they made the room for the silicone too big for the silicione they had and were left with saggy operation”, a specialist said.


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