Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor: “If Sfiso Had Respect For His Mother God Could Have Given Him More Years”

Durban – The late Sfiso Ncwane’s pastor, Pastor Anosike, the leader of the Rock Of Victory Ministries International church in Newtown, Johannesburg, who recently made headlines after he claimed that the Spirit had directed him to ‘reveal Sfiso’s top secrets in church’, has made another shocker after he claimed that had Sfiso gave his mother all the respect she deserved he could be alive by now.

‘’ Those who honor their parents are blessed (Jeremiah 35:18-19). In contrast, those with a “depraved mind” and those who exhibit ungodliness in the last days shall not live long, as much as I appreciate all the good things Sfiso did for me, frankly I don’t like the way he treated his own mother, he might have passed because he failed to adhere to the Bible’s fifth commandment’’, the pastor was quoted.

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The controversial pastor’s sentiments were however received with mixed reactions and below is what one of the Twitter users had to say.

“When he was alive you were busy receiving his expensive gifts on the expense of his mother,and you had no guts to tell him to change his ways, now he’s gone you’re now busy condemning him,what a coward you are!”, said a twitter user who goes by the name @jabudube on the giant social network.

The Kulungile Baba hitmaker passed away last week on Monday morning after a reported kidney failure.


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