Sfiso Ncwane’s Mother Finally Reveals The Reasons Why Sfiso ‘Disowned’ Her, Cries On-Air

Durban – The controversial late gospel star’s mother, Fikile Ncwane, whose son Sfiso Ncwane passed away last week on Monday after a reported kidney failure has once again left tongues wagging during yet another Metro Fm interview earlier yesterday after she was asked by Metro Fm interviewer to give a few reasons why she had ‘conflicts’ with her own late son.

”Although my son was someone who ‘lived gospel’, he failed to adhere to one of the simplest bible teachings, I’m talking about ‘forgiveness’. I really know that I was wrong but blood is thicker than water, I admit my blunders as a mother but that was not supposed to cut the bond between my late son and I”, Fikile was quoted on Metro Fm.

”When I was only 17 years of age I was impreg_nated and since I was going to school by then one thing that came to my mind was abo_rtion. I tried by all means to abo_rt the pregnancy to no avail, besides, I was afraid of dying since I was fully aware that abo_rtion kills, on that note I could not use other dangerous and more effective ways of abo_rtion, I decided to maintain the pregnancy and accepted the fact that I was ‘a young mother’, that is how Sfiso survived,” said the tearful Fikile.

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”At least we agree on one thing that as we grew up, we were told some family secrets that we kept to ourselves, likewise, my son Sfiso somehow heard about this disturbing history by his late grandparents and he somehow failed to forgive me. I tried to explain to him that my son I no longer lived in the past and I’m now a new person, don’t judge me by my past but my son never listened”, added Fikile.

Fikile Ncwane, 60, once told the media that Sfiso and his wife were not supporting her financially and claimed that whenever she asked for money from her daughter in-law Ayanda, she scolded her.


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