Prophet Of Doom Introduces Omo And Sunlight Liquid

prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquidThe Prophet of Doom Pastor Lethebo Rabalago has ditched spraying doom and opted for Omo Washing powder instead.

The controversial pastor made members of his congregants eat Omo Washing powder during a prayer service.

The man, who has been in the headlines the past fortnight, said “Nothing we eat shall have effect on us. God will clean you up just like Omo cleans your body”, before handing a woman a handful of Omo which she hungrily shoved in her mouth and swallowed.

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A a ‘desert’ the pastor gave the congregant a cup full on sunlight liquid.

See the pictures below:

prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquid1 prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquid2

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prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquid3 prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquid4 prophet-of-doom-introduces-omo-sunlight-liquid5


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