Malusi Gigaba Sold Passport and ID Printing Machines to Zimbabwean government

malusi-gigaba-sold-passport-and-id-printing-machinesIt has been revealed that Minister Malusi Gigaba Sold Passport and ID Printing Machines to Zimbabwean government.

In an effort to generate an extra income for the department of Home Affairs and reduce the number of illegal immigrants in South Africa, Minister Gigaba revealed early today that he has sold 5 passport and ID printing machines to the Zimbabwean government so they can print their own passports and South African ID’s before sending their people over to South Africa.

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Reports recently revealed that Gigaba sold 5 Imprint TX-11 Dye Sublimation printers-with special materials only available to the South African Government.

“We’ve realized that most of our Home Affairs branches are always crowded with illegal immigrants wanting to buy ID books and passports. Research also revealed that over 5000 Zimbabweans cross over to South Africa per day, illegally. So, we decided… why not sell them printers so they can print their own ID’s and Passports before they come this side. This will reduce the workload and the amount of bribes we will have to take.” said Minister Gigaba.


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