Ian Khama Offered A Zimbabwean Wife

ian-khama-zimbabwean-wifeFollowing his recent attack on the Zimbabwean President,Ian Khama has been praised and offered a Zimbabwean wife.

The sentiments were made by an activist by the name of Patson Dzamara who said Khama would make a good son in law.

Speaking on his Social Media account,He had this to say:

“The president of Botswana told Mugabe to step down. Zanu PF took that as an opportunity to launch a smear campaign against him based on his marital status. Guess what! We are going to get Ian Khama a beautiful Zimbabwean lady.”

“So am calling on all Zim ladies to bring their CVs,One can of them can be lucky and scoop this ‘fine’ Coloured man,” he added.

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