EFF politician escapes death after being caught with someone’s WIFE

eff-politicianA Ward Councillor for the EFF escaped death by a whisker after he was busted with someone’s wife at a hotel lodging in Hammersdale.

The randy councillor from Western Cape, drove all the way to Hammersdale to have s3x with the married woman hoping that he wouldn’t be caught.

But his proverbial forty days had already reached because the husband to the man’s side-dish had been informed by one of his friends working in the municipality that the two were planning for an outing to the capital city.

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Apparently, the loud mouthed ward councilor kept on bragging in the municipality offices how he will enjoy someone’s else honey jar not knowing that one of the workers in the office was a close friend to his side chick’s husband.

The husband of the politician’s side-dish followed them and minutes after they booked a room in one of the popular hotels in Hammersdale, he stormed in breathing fire.

The two had already stripped and ready fro action when they were bust. They escaped while in the nu_de and got caught in the streets.

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The public wanted to assault the two had it now been for the police who intervened.

The randy councillor managed to escape after receiving several blows leaving his side chick with her husband.


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