Ayanda Ncwane’s Last Touching Message On Marriage To Sfiso

Less than 24 hours before her husband died of kidney failure at a Fourways hospital, Ayanda Ncwane wrote a touching message about marriage on Instagram.

Ayanda Ncwane, the mother of two, who was married to the gospel singer for nine years, hasn’t shied away from giving relationship advice on social media or uploading intimate moments between herself and her late husband.

In her latest post, Ayanda Ncwane started off with a scripture, 1 Peter 5:8, which says: “Your adversary, the devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking for whom he may devour.”

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Ayanda then speaks about how important she believes it is for young couples to spend time praying and covering their families “in the blood of Jesus”.

“Be careful young couples, the number one mission in the kingdom of darkness in destroying marriages and happy homes. Rebuke the slightest thought of lu_st, RUN away as far as possible from tempting situations.

“No amount of money , power, education, beauty can save you. YOU NEED THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. When your partner is spiritually weak , stand in the gab and fight for your families zithandwa (beloved),” she wrote.

Ayanda Ncwane revealed she was being contacted by struggling couples who were seeking her advice, which prompted her to share the post.

“Taking pictures together and acting happy is not enough. WOMEN!!! Take authority and power given to you to fight in prayer, fast, rebuke the spirits, stop sleeping, and allow the devil to enter into your territories (marriages),” she concluded.

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Ayanda and Sfiso were set to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in six months. The pair were business partners and would regularly support each other’s ventures, with Sfiso affectionately calling his wife his Kim Kardashian.

Their marriage was not without issues, as they had to contend with reports that Sfiso was not paying maintenance for his first-born daughter and that he had neglected his mother because of Ayanda. Despite this, they still managed to put up a united front and remain together under public scrutiny.


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