4 Reasons Bonking With A Smaller Member Is Actually Hot

relationships1. Small Members Can Be Great For Beginners

It doesn’t rip you open, make you walk funny, or cause you to experience any of the awkward moments. It makes you unafraid of se_x and eager to explore. You can enjoy fully, never worrying that the wrong position or angleisgoing to put you out of commission for a few days. Lol

2. Guys With Small Members Are Often Better In Bed

And if you’re open to being stimulated with hands, mouths, and any/everything else besides the d, there’s literally no difference between a guy with a small member and a guy with a big one (except that a guy with a small member may have put more effort into learning how to be a good lover, because he knows he can’t just depend on everyone being impressed by his giant member).

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3. Small Members Can Be Good For Small Va jay jays

Much like d’s, va jay jays come in all sizes. And some people have small va jay jays. Smaller va jay jay ladies often get shamed like men with small ds. When we note that we just can’t have pleasurable se_x with ds of a certain size, we are asked blaming questions about whether we were “sufficiently wet,” or told that we must have a disorder. But the truth is that for some women small members can be a great option for pleasurable, pain-free se_x.

4. Obsessing Over Size Limits Everyone
If you think small members are awful, it’s worth examining why. Because we can tell you. If you rely on society to tell you how to have se_x, rather than figuring out what you personally like, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of org_asms (among other things).


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